The Wonders Of Budapest – My First Guide Is Out!

Hey everybody!

I am so proud and happy at the same time, because my first travel guide just came out on Travelicious! It is about my hometown, Budapest, the capital of Hungary. I show you the 6 best things you must do or see if you come here.

Photo: Instagram/ Mermaidluuu
Photo: Instagram/ Mermaidluuu

Click HERE to READ the full post about the wonders of Budapest!

Here it is, read it, like it, enjoy it! Write your comments for me, or if you come to Budapest, let me know to give you some more local tips!


Coming soon…

I am really glad to come to my blog so soon. Actually you are a bit early, I did not write a travel guide yet, but I am on it!


My first blog post will be about the hungarian sea, lake Balaton. Since we do not have an actual sea, we call this 70km long lake a sea, and we have so much fun on it, in it, around it! I’ll tell you more about it very soon!

Photo: Luca Michaletzky
Photo: Luca Michaletzky


I am planning to write a big post about the hungarian capitol, Budapest. It is a very popular destination nowadays, so I’ll tell you what to visit, where to eat and where to sleep while you’re here.


The next on the schedule will be the British Virgin Islands at the Caribbeans – truly wonderful place to feel like Colombus!