About me

Hello, glad to see you here!

I’m Luca a landlocked, yet ocean addicted girl from Hungary. Yes, Hungary really does exist, it is not just a fictionary countray invented by Shakespeare, it’s in the middle of Europe. Like 2000kms away from the nearest ocean. So I try my best to visit as much big waters as I can, and meanwhile use the opportunities at home, for example our beautiful lake, Balaton.

Surfer me

So what do I do?

I graduated as a psychologist in 2016, and currently I am working as a journalist. I was a catamaran sailor for many years, now I’m a sailing instructor. My favourite hobby is surfing, although I cannot do it as much as I want (like all day, every day).

I feel like home when I’m in the water. Just diving in the liquid miracle refreshes me, only staring at the water makes me calm and content. I often take my monofin with me to swim, or conquer the water with my SUP board.

And while half of the year is off-season here, I travel as much as I can afford: I have been to the Caribbeans, New York, SW France, Algarve, Italy, Slovenia, Sweden and Spain. This is why I thought I could connect my hobby and work, and start to share my adventures with the whole wide web. I would also like to introduce you Hungary, since I think for most of you it’s a quite unknown territory.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any question or you would like to share your story or you’d just chat a bit!